Privacy Policy

Phototeleport respects your privacy: all the content posted via Phototeleport will be uploaded only to the websites selected by the user, and will not be stored in any intermediate server.

Phototeleport will not try to access any files belonging to the user: only those files which the user has explicitly opened from within the Phototeleport application will be processed like follows:

  1. The user files will not be modified; any modification reuqested by the user will happen on locally stored copies, and will be deleted once the upload operation succeeds or gets cancelled.

  2. The selected files will be uploaded only to those websites/online services chosen by the user.

  3. Additional metadata entered by the user will be used as title, description, tags, etc. for the uploaded media.

  4. The files will be uploaded under the account and album chosen by the user, with the privacy visibility chosen by the user (as supported by the destination service).

The user is at any time free to unauthorize Phototeleport from using his/her account, as well as to remove any content originally uploaded by Phototeleport.