Buy — if you like

PhotoTeleport is developed in my spare time. It’s an application I developed primarily to satisfy my own needs, but it has grown to a state where it can be useful to a larger amount of people.

As the number of users grows, so does the number of feature requests (and bugs discovered, indeed!), which I try to satisfy as soon as possible. However, my free time is limited, and shared among other interests (including other interesting applications), so it can be sometimes difficult to prioritize this project over all the other stuff.

For that reason, a message of thanks gives an unimaginable boost to my motivation. And believe me, by “thanks” I literally mean a message of thanks, not money. So please consider sending me one.

Of course, if you feel that PhotoTeleport is actually worth your money, and you would like me to dedicate more time to it, then a donation is indeed the way to go: who knows, maybe one day I will be able to work on it full time (daydreaming…)?

Anyway, the short message is that you are indeed very welcome to sponsor PhotoTeleport’s development, and you can do it in one of these ways:

Using PayPal

It couldn’t be simpler: just click on this link and follow the instructions.

Using Yandex

Yandex’s donation form (if you see a “₽” symbol in the amount field, please use a currency converter and enter the amount in Russian rubles):