A new version of PhotoTeleport has been released!

PhotoTeleport version 0.7

The biggest feature in this release is the possibility of specifying a maximum image size, which will make PhotoTeleport scale down images before uploading them. This can dramatically improve upload times :-)

Also, in this release:

  • the list of files to be uploaded can now be passed via the command line
  • FTP: use a newer SSH library, compatible with more servers
  • VK: implement posting to user’s wall
  • update the Facebook plugin to the latest Facebook policies: posting photos to a user profile is no longer allowed :-(
  • Flickr: allow posting to photostream, without any specific set
  • DeviantArt: add “category” selector
  • plugins now remember the last used settings

You are warmly invited to get the new version from the home page, and don’t forget to report any issues you should find!